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Alley Cat Pizzeria - Testimonials

Many locals claim Alley Cat Pizzeria is the best location in town to get some piping hot slices. The crust is hand-tossed and thin, and NY style. Most patrons get delivery or take-out, although there are a few places to sit at the restaurant itself. For those with large appetites or large families, there is an extra large size to fulfill the cravings of all stomachs. Besides pizza, subs and calzones are offered and is a great place to get either lunch or dinner.

5 stars 3/31/2010
We found Alley Cat by complete happenstance - THANK GOODNESS!!! The pizza is AMAZING. If only they made a canadian bacon sub!

5 stars 12/28/2009
When people talk about NY pizza, they are referring to Manhattan-Brooklyn-Queens etc... Not Rochester. There is a lot of lousy pizza in NH claiming the be like NY. Alley Cat is the best NY style pizza in Manchester, not doubt about it. This is the real deal.

5 stars 04/16/2008
Simply the best pizz...: Simply the best pizza outside NYC. Worth the trip. Great value

4 stars 03/24/2008
I used Alley Cat Pizzeria for my son's birthday party at the SEE Museum. We were delivered hot pizza's at the time we requested. I was nervous about using them, as I had not had Alley Cat Pizza before. I was pleased with the product. Thank you Alley Cat for great service and good pizza.

5 stars 11/08/2007
One of my favorites after living here almost ten years. Stray cat is a great example of the originality they have. But yes true enough the parking is horrible for 'pick up' and the drivers well some of them are weird. But GREATTTTTTTTTTTT food. Try Smores Pizza!

5 stars 10/03/2007
Alley Cat pizza is a favorite of mine for lunch. I go there every week and the staff is great! With a short lunch break i love the fact that they have quick service with fresh slices. The pizza is delicious and i find the prices equivalent to anyone else around.

5 stars 05/05/2007
Remembering N
Fat Cat!: Mmm, I love the Fat Cat pizza. And what's better is they take credit over the phone and there pizza's are HUGE!

5 stars 01/18/2007
John D
Most Like NY: The closest we've found to NY style pizza in Manchester. No pans, no thick crust, nice spices. The only place we go for pizza.
The Best

5 stars 10/20/2005
The Premiere Delivery Guys: I love this place because they deliver quickly, efficiently, and it is mucho cheap.
When you go there, you cannot really sit down. That I think my friends is the only drawback to Alley Cat.
Getting back to the food though. It is excellent. In fact, I want it now. They make the best large cheese pizzas on the market in Manchester.
It is the place to go and get food quickly and cheaply.

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